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Club Penguin is an online multiplayer online game featuring a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities, created by New Horizon Interactive. Players use cartoon penguin-avatars and play in a winter-set virtual world with a wide variety of fun activities and games. The game has a massive player base meaning theres plenty of opportunity for kids to make friends online in a safe environment.

Club Penguin - A massively multiplayer online community of penguin-related fun for children

Disney Diversity

Fantasia, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Cool Runnings. The astute reader or one that had a pleasant and VHS-filled childhood will recognise that the common denominator here is Disney. Walk Disney Pictures is of course a film company simultaneously responsible for both timeless animated classics that for some are still engrained in their consciousness as beautiful relics of a childhood past and also some exclusively live-action shockers such as Snow Dogs whose eclectic cast ranged from Cuba Gooding Junior to Sisqo (any films containing Sisqo are an automatic failure in my eyes, and they should be in yours too). You may be surprised to hear that Disney has its fingers in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) pie as well, with them being covered in the sweet, gooey filling of Club Penguin, a virtual world that is suited perfectly for children of parents worried about the easy access to excessively violent and inappropriate gaming content that sits on the internet for all to play. So what’s this crazy cartoon community all about, I hear you ask, and more importantly, why is it so penguin-centric? Read on, and it will all become moderately clear.

It’s not about Clubbing Penguins

Club Penguin is essentially a penguin-laced social networking site whose appeal is based on the fact that it is an entirely safe and hugely fun environment for young audiences aged from 6-14. After entering a few completely harmless details like your email address you then create your very own penguin by choosing its colour and giving it a name, a process that is also controlled by moderators that must first approve of the name before it goes into use in the game. The game doesn’t progress like traditional titles in a linear, step-by-step format where you play levels or stages as in the brilliant Penguin Diner 2, but is rather a virtual online world where everything is readily accessible (though most things you have to be signed up for) at the click of your mouse. Mini games, fun animations, and other activities form the basis of the entertainment here for which you earn coins that can be used to purchase novelty items and further customisation objects for your penguin such as clothes.

An Island in the Fun

You’ll spend most of you time wandering around Penguin Island, navigating through the 14 different zones that include town-like areas with clubs, shops, cafes, and eateries that you can explore at your (or your children’s) leisure. Some of the mini-game highlights include a penguin ski-slope where you can engage in some of the safest and light-hearted downhill-skiing that you’re ever likely to experience, and also a game called card-jitsu, which is the closest you can get in the game to a full-on battle between two penguins. As you would expect, all of the mini games are of this non-threatening and completely accessible sort, and you will even get to play an arcade-style dance game where you make your penguin dance to the music by pressing the appropriate keys at the right time.

Priced Out

While the world of Club Penguin is rather fun to play (I even found myself getting a little pulled in by the mini-games), it’s a bit of a shame that many of the features are restricted to paying players only (or rather the paying parents of young players). Some of the higher levels in the games are only accessible to premium customers, for example, as is the ability to spend your coins on customising your character’s appearance or igloo. The game still retains its central appeal, however, which is as a colourful and visually-pleasing social networking hub where friends can meet and chat with other friends without fear of the usual dangers of the internet. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is safe to roam freely in Club Penguin world. The success of the game speaks for itself, and the fact that it became so popular that Disney snapped it up for well over 350 million dollars should in itself demonstrate the potential of the game.


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