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Learn to Fly 2 is Twice as Amusing as the Original

We saw just how determined penguins can be in the original Learn to Fly. After his last attempt to show the world that he isn't flightless, Failbird publishes an embarrassing picture of him crashing. In order to redeem himself, he suits up once again, this time with more upgrades, nifty new customization, new challenges as well as tricky game modes.

After waking from his coma, the penguin has learned his lesson. He now makes use of a dummy in order to test his flight methods. While the basic concept remains the same, there are a few additions weaved into the mechanics to make things more interesting. You may tilt the flight direction using the Left and Right Arrow keys. Pressing the Space Bar still activates the rocket to give the penguin a boost in speed. If you would rather use mouse controls, you may opt to do so through the options menu. This time around, there will be obstacles along the way. You may destroy these by hitting them, utilizing Payloads to maximize the damage you deal. Each launch nets you some money. The amount of these earnings vary depending on your scores in Distance, Altitude, Speed, Duration and Destruction. Challenges are also a good way to earn some extra funds.

There are different types of equipment per upgrade category. Aside from Gliders and Boosts (or Rockets as they were referred to in the first game), there are now different kinds of Sleighs and Payloads. Just like Learn to Fly 2's storyline, we found the item names to be chuckle-worthy. Want to upgrade your Sleigh? "The Plank" becomes "The Plank Mark II" which is sure to pique the interest of even Iron Man himself. How about upgrading your Glider from a Kite to an Umbrella and finally to a Whirlybird? The number of possibilities you can tailor to your play style is certainly a welcome change from the original's linear upgrade system. 

Besides the regular upgrade catalogue, you also get a Bonus Shop to spend the Bonus Points you earn. This category contains epic tweaks that allow features like decreasing the pull of gravity or adding 5% to your cash every run. You may also unlock extras such as the VHS which allows you to watch all the cutscenes and, our favorite, change the in-game audio via music packs. Whereas its predecessor had very little to offer in terms of tunes, Learn to Fly 2 allows you to change its BGM genre into Rock, Funk, Techno and a few others.

You may earn Bonus Points by getting medals, completing Classic or Story Mode and by simply playing Arcade Mode. Initially, only Story Mode is available to you. This is where you encounter obstacles and try to get revenge on that pesky iceberg from the first game. Series veterans will undoubtedly be familiar with Classic Mode's formula, wherein you focus on maximizing your flight distance in a similar way to that of Shopping Cart Hero. And lastly, your goal in Arcade Mode is to score as high as you can using one of three set budgets for your purchases.

With its spiffy new features, Lightbringers Learn to Fly 2 is definitely a worthy sequel. Flaws of the original, such as its short replayability and lack of interesting audio, were all thoughtfully addressed. As if it wasn't cute enough, the game's signature graphics are improved upon further with hilarious cutscenes involving silly penguin scribbles. If you are looking for a solid launch title to keep coming back to, Learn to Fly 2 is a great candidate.

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