Learn to Fly 3 Game

Both Learn to Fly and its sequel cracked us up with its plucky hero, determined to prove the world wrong about penguins being flightless. With the proper motivation, there is no iceberg too high or too tough for a penguin. Well, at least when there are rockets and gliders mixed in. After the second game's stellar improvements, what else could we possibly want to see in a sequel? Continue Reading

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Learn to Fly 3 is a Sequel Worth Waiting For

We definitely want a continuation of the endearing, witty storyline that the series is known for. While the merits of the game are by no means just skin deep, the simple explanation provided for the lead character's motivations is definitely brilliant. Perhaps in the third game we will see our hero educating another penguin on the dos and don'ts of flying. Better yet, he can coach a few dozen penguins in a flight academy. This could be something the Happy Feet crowd can relate to, complete with some sort of clever spoof.

As for the game mechanics, we hope that Light Bringer doesn't fix what isn't broken. Like say, the game's accessible control scheme. For the first two titles, the keys to mind could be counted on one hand and so it is a cinch to learn for both new players and young genre fans alike.

The pace wherein you are able to acquire upgrades in Learn to Fly may have been a deal breaker for some, but this was effectively addressed in the sequel with the money booster in the Bonus Shop. The third title could implement a means to tailor your penguin's initial stats at the start of the game. Think of it as rolling a character in Dungeons and Dragons. This adds some depth in terms of strategizing. No longer will you simply opt for the best equipment per category. If you want to minimize the number of days spent grinding, you will have to complement your character build and play style. Plus, it ensures that each run is different, adding to the game's replayability.

To push the character building concept even further, a means to customize the appearance of your penguin could be a nifty feature. Adding aviator shades or changing your hero's skin hue to purple may just be a vanity-based decision, or it could be because shades add significantly to the Speed stat. Bottom line is, cartoon penguins with mohawks or epic pilot scarves are just downright amusing to see.

Offering a break from the main story, new game modes were introduced in Learn to Fly 2. Tripling Learn to Fly's replayability, these new modes added something extra for those who suited up their penguin and stuck it out to see the conclusion of his mission. While Learn to Fly 3's content will be substantial enough with the Story, Arcade and Classic modes present, it would be interesting to see mini games added to the mix. These could be about winning against another penguin or collecting as many balloons as you can before hitting an iceberg.

In terms of graphics, Learn to Fly's visuals have already hit a comfortable plateau. From the menus to the penguin sack dummy, there is always something to like regardless of the scenario. For Learn to Fly 3, we would like to see this visual flavor retained in general but we're open to having something fresh to enjoy. More details, smoother frame rate and stylized cut scenes are always a welcome improvement. Retain the number of tunes to choose from and the sequel is all set. 

With Learn to Fly being such a well-loved series, the possibilities are virtually endless. At present, the content is pretty impressive and the bar is set pretty high for the next title. But no matter what comes next for the little penguin that could, there will definitely be plenty of Learn to Fly devotees to help him, or another budding flight-worthy penguin, suit up and disprove Kiwipedia's article.