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Learn to Fly 2

Great for Mobile

Until recently, the Learn to Fly 2 flash game was the pinnacle of the much-loved series, offering a significant number of improvements over the original in terms of gameplay, content, and overall design. Now that Learn to Fly 3 is occupying the internet however, it can be easy to forget that Learn to Fly 2 for mobile is still an excellent launch game that deserves every megabyte of space it takes up on your phone and/or tablet. Note how the colourful, almost watercolour-like shading of the flash game ports exceedingly well to mobile devices (particularly iOS devices’ Retina displays), and how the launch-upgrade-repeat gameplay is the perfect time-killer to carry around with you in your pocket.


Learn to Fly 2 Mobile plays exactly like its flash-based counterpart from developer Light Bringer Games. Based on the premise that you are playing as a penguin who is desperate to try and launch himself as far and high has he can from a ramp, your primary goal is to do just that, only with the aid of various bits of hardware. This hardware, which is made up of four separate and fully-upgradeable components, is what forms the central pillar of continued entertainment in this game. The hardware forms your vehicle that will take you to greater distances and heights, thereby earning you more money and in turn, more potential for purchasing superior hardware as well as upgrading the parts that you already have.

The gameplay itself consists of days on a calendar passing by, with each launch and subsequent fall to the ground counted as one single day. All you need to do is use the touchscreen interface to tap when you wish to launch the penguin, who begins by sliding down the ramp at the outset of each day. Once airborne, you are then able to control the orientation of the penguin in the air, hopefully achieving more altitude and distance in the process. As you purchase increasingly complex hardware, you can do things like activate booster rockets and propellers that allow you to stay airborne for longer. Your secondary goal is also to try and destroy as much of the ice at the end of your launch as possible.

Release Date: 01/01/2016

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5


Without incentives to continue launching yourself into the air each day, Learn to Fly 2 Mobile wouldn’t have any lasting appeal. Luckily, its developers know that upgrades and enhancements are the key to any launch-game fanatic’s heart. As you earn money from your launches, you are able to upgrade all of your components (your sleigh, your glider, your boosts, and your payload). For example, with your sleigh, you start off with a basic wooden plank but can soon afford to upgrade to a sled, a bobsleigh, and something called “El Bouncy” (among others of course). Further examples of upgrades are your transition from a simple kite glider to what is known as the “Whirlybird 512”

Working in support of your upgrades are also the bonus points you earn by meeting certain goals/achievements such as a minimum height, distance, and velocity. These points are spent on passive upgrades which do anything from increase the money you earn to increase the effectiveness of your hardware.

One of the Best Launchers on Mobile

Learn to Fly 2 for Mobile is an exceptional example of a launch game done right. Its addictive and simple gameplay acquiesces with the moreish upgrades system, with everything topped off by an aesthetic that is wonderful to look at and even more pretty to look at. This game comes close to Bored.com’s Berserk Ball 2 greatness, which is quite the compliment since said game is the stiffest competition that Learn to Fly 2 could possibly face.

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Learn to Fly 2 is developed by Kongregate.

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