Penguin Diner 3 Game

Penguin Diner 3 - Possible improvements and probably additions for a future sequel

It’s a Very Specific Genre

It’s always good to look ahead to the future no matter what the context: financial security, family planning, education pathways, addictive penguin-based games of time management, wait:  I’m seeing an odd one out here, and I think it’s financial security because this concept is an oxymoron by its very title in these unstable financial times, but the whole penguin game thing was a bit of a specific reference as well, wasn’t it. I’m referring of course to the future of the fantastic Penguin Diner series of games, with the original and its sequel being two very enjoyable games that showed us simplicity in theory doesn’t necessarily mean lack of challenging complexity in practice. These games were pretty basic in their design and their approach, so there must be quite a lot of room for them to expand, right? Well, this is true, and I wouldn’t mind listing a few ways that Penguin Diner 3 could be the very best penguin-centric time management game yet, even if it is the only game of its genre in the entire world of flash gaming. 

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In spite of the innovative nature of including restaurant upgrades in the first place, I actually found the upgrades in Penguin Diner 2 to be fairly limited in their scope, and only allowed you to do a few things to the restaurant before you maxed out each upgrade path. I would like to see more types of skates in Penguin Diner 3, for example, with increasingly ridiculous branded names and ability to make you glide to and fro the diner like very unusual and highly productive skating show. Improvements to the restaurant could also be added to, with different decorative inclusions and even full-scale refurbishments being a sensible idea for the restaurant’s future.

Difficult Customer

While the mechanics of Penguin Diner’s gameplay are almost flawless in terms of what the game is trying to provide for the player, things always seem to run too smoothly for a restaurant. In real life, you would have customers complaining about their order and sending it back (though in real life, you wouldn’t have penguins opening diners in order to serve other penguins food that humans eat), so Penguin Diner 3 could make some room for some hiccups like these. Food can already make its way to the bin if customers are waiting long enough, so let’s expand on this and have dissatisfied customers complaining about their orders, or even the ability to kick customers out that just want to cause trouble. That’ll teach them; stupid, flightless birds.

Can’t Take the Heat

Though too much heat in an Antarctic restaurant would likely accelerate the melting of the surrounding snow and icy wilderness, we never really get to see if this would actually be the consequences because we don’t spend any time in the kitchen. Though I understand that being in the kitchen isn’t really this game’s focus and that it is supposed to be a purely waitressing-based experience, what harm can come from maybe a few mini games that can allow us entry to the stressful kitchen and a chance to prepare this penguin food? I know I’d relish the opportunity for a go in the kitchen of the diner that I have spent so long serving food in.

Modal Arrangements

The game is also crying out for a few extra game modes that can be dipped into at any stage in the game, no matter how far you have progressed. Maybe a sudden death mode where one angry customer leads to ending the round would be a good idea. How about a speed mode where you must serve with as much haste as you can in order to earn a sufficient quantity of points to qualify for the next round, with each one increasing in difficulty as you go.