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Penguin Diner – Angry customers, time management, and penguins with ice skates

Pick up a Penguin

Time management games aren’t exactly a new concept, and nor is applying the concept of effective use of resources and skills under pressure of time to a flash-animated, restaurant-based setting. With games like Diner Dash and Papa’s Burgeria doing the rounds of culinary entertainment, many veterans of flash gaming will have stacked a burger, piled toppings on a pizza and prepared a pancake for fussy customers in the hope of receiving more and more tips to spend on upgrades and custom features for their restaurant. Penguin Diner is a game of similar ilk that focuses purely on the flow of customers coming in and out of the restaurant. Oh, and the customers in question are a throng of peckish Penguins who obviously aren’t a fan of the hilarious notion of penguins picking up a penguin for alleviation of their appetite, since they want some freshly-prepared and swiftly-served food from your cafe.

Hungry Birds

Penguin Diner’s concept is extremely easy to grasp, since everything is controlled with the mouse; there isn’t even any dragging involved, just straight-up clicking in the appropriate location for the action you wish Penny the penguin waitress to take. As customers enter the restaurant, you must click on each of them and then click on a table in order to seat them as quickly as possible. Once they have had a good look at the menu, they will let out a cry that I can only assume is widely known in the penguin vernacular as ‘I’m ready to order’: now is the time to click on the customer in order to make him reveal his food of choice in the form of a speech bubble with a picture of the order in it. You don’t have to go worrying about the preparation of the food, since this is all done behind the scenes unlike in games such as Papa’s Hotdoggeria, where the emphasis is on food preparation and not the management of customers in a front-of-house setting as is the case in Penguin Diner. Once customers have eaten their food, they will exit the restaurant, leaving a tip on the table; lather, rinse, and repeat.

Balancing Act

The challenge of Penguin Diner is to keep a steady flow of customers coming through the restaurant, serving as many of them as possible before closing time in order to at least hit the minimum earning requirement that is set at the beginning of each day. See the trash can sitting in the cafe? That is where the food goes if a customer gets angry and storms off, so make sure you don’t keep them waiting since this will cost you time and tips, which are both fundamental in your success in the game. Upgrades such as nicer seats, TVs for the cafe and even faster skates for Penny to use can be purchased in order to improve the restaurant experience for the customers. There are also three cafes to work your way through, including one that is built on an iceberg (I can’t see any problem with this whatsoever), so there is no shortage of gameplay to get stuck in to. 


It’s Never Too Cold for Ice Cream

Though I find it odd that penguins would want an ice-cream sundae in such a cold climate, it is your job to serve anything that is ordered so that you can meet the daily earnings target. Penguin Diner is simple, fun, and addictive to a fiendish degree, which is everything that you can ask for in a time-management flash game. I would even dare to say that I enjoyed the instantly-rewarding click-to-play gameplay considerably more than the comparatively more involving method of food preparation in the Papa Louie series of games.


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