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Are you yearning to see some cheerful feet?  Well, Antarctica is not the only place where you can go.  Penguin colonies live in plenty of stunning locations along the southern hemisphere ranging from bare beaches in South America to sunny Melbourne and South Africa.  

Penguins truly are magnetic animals.  Their inquisitive nature, cute waddle as well as their funny body language never fails to charm us.  These nonflying, agile swimmers have developed over many years - 15 million.  They frequently migrate incredibly long distances to pursue fish and follow the currents of the ocean throughout all the different seasons. 

Sadly, the overall penguin population is declining as a result of pollution, overfishing and climate changes.  As a matter of fact, over 50% of penguins are now under threat.  It is not all doom and gloom though…you have the power to support their future existence by going to visit them in their own colonies.  You can do this with the assistance of companies and or tour operators that respect all penguins and their natural habitats.  We have reviewed various penguin holiday providers that run their firms based on ethical values and educate all their guests about any conservation efforts.  The best time to visit penguins in the Southern hemisphere is during the warmer months – between November to March.  During this period, you will get to see penguins breeding on shore and nesting and raising their young. 

We recommend that you read about all the incredible locations that we have suggested below prior to booking your trip. 

1. Oceans Worldwide

penguin trips: oceans worldwide

Oceans Worldwide arranges penguin holidays in two locations: Antarctica and the Arctic.  You will get to see vast penguin colonies, as well as other wildlife creatures like polar bears, whales, seabirds and seals against stunning white backdrops of wilderness containing rising cliffs, icebergs and glaciers.

Ocean Worldwide carefully selects all their guides and vessels and work with The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society to make sure that they provide the best standards and comply with ethical guidelines. They deliberately choose small vessels so that you can have an intimate journey.  This allows you to get to spend more time with their expert staff whilst you’re on and off board.   Moreover, a few of their vessels have the capacity to break ice fully which means that they can take you to areas that have not been explored before.

Ocean Worldwide’s specialist expedition guides will tell you everything that you need to know about penguins and other sea life creatures.  This   includes plenty of fun and compelling facts.  You will also get the chance to learn about the early communities that lived in some of these areas, and go and see prehistoric sites on some of their cruise trips. 

Their experienced staff team will happily arrange an individualised penguin holiday for you as soon as you contact them. 

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2.Discover the World

penguin trips: discover the world

Discover the World organise spectacular holidays to the gigantic white continent of Antarctica so that you can discover remarkably wild creatures like Emperor and Adelie penguins.  In addition, they can take you to see some of the most exclusive landscapes that are left in the world.  Their holidays consist of small vessel expeditions on board a variety of ships.  They also include some unique adventures based on dry land. 

Discover the World can arrange trips to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Weddell, South Pole, Sea, Ross Sea, Weddell and Falkland Islands.  You are likely to see other impressive marine life such as albatrosses, whales as well as penguins in these places.   Discover the World can even arrange holiday extensions for you to places like Argentina and Chile. 

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3.Travel with Jules

penguin trips: travel with jules

Travel with Jules is an independent company that offers honest and impartial advice regarding your chosen travel destination.  The company specialises in wildlife, adventures and African Safari holidays and has more than 20 years’ experience overall in this area.  Jules can arrange a penguin holiday for you with a personal touch in the Polar Regions, South Africa and South America.  The only thing that you need to do is decide which type of penguin you would like to see and leave the rest to Jules. It is o.k. if you don’t have a specific type in mind.  Jules will happily recommend various destinations that have been highly recommended by previous travellers. 

There are a few advantages of using this company:  Firstly, you will not have to pay any booking fees, secondly, all your bookings are fully protected and, finally Jules has the freedom to mix and match a variety of hotel providers, flights and operators to get the best deals for you. 

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4.Steppes Discovery

penguin trips: steppes discover

Steppes is an ethical wildlife travel company and incredibly knowledgeable in their field.  They make it their own priority to offer a first class service to all their customers.  Steppes arrange individual itineraries that include the main highlights of any chosen destination and also focus on taking travellers away from beaten tracks to locations that are not that well known.    This means that you will discover perfectly natural and unspoilt places that most people in the world will never get the chance to see.  So, you will be classified as one of the few lucky individuals who get to brag about having a genuinely exclusive travel adventure.

Steppes arrange safe travel to remote locations where one of their guides has already visited and offer emergency services 24 hours a day.  Therefore, you can call them anytime you need them to help you resolve a difficult situation – if you get into one that is.  It is all these minute details that give Steppe an extra competitive edge over other companies.   

Steppes employ a highly skilled staff team who have a good level of education and are clued up about the best resorts and hotels worldwide.   Moreover, their staff has the intelligence to learn about the history and culture of many countries and produce attention grabbing facts for all their travellers. 

For all penguin lovers out there, you have the option to go on one of their well organised penguin cruises in the Antarctic, South Georgia and the Falklands.

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5.Kangaroo Island, South Australia

penguin trips: sealink

Kangaroo Island is a superb nature location – possibly one of the best in the world.  It has incredible scenery and some enthralling wildlife. This island is celebrated all over the world because of its unspoiled natural world and wilderness.  Plus, if you consider yourself as a bit of a “foodie” and wine connoisseur, then this is the place to go - it is famous for its flourishing wine and food industry.

There are an abundance of fascinating animals all over the island including penguins, kangaroos, echidna, goannas, wallabies and koalas. To see the penguins out in the wild, you will have to book onto a guided night tour so that you get to view them parading along the beach.  You will be accompanied with a guide who will feed the penguins fish and amuse you with interesting stories about their lives. 

There are plenty of other activities to do as well as seeing wild creatures on this Island.  You can go snorkelling, surfing, boating, kayaking, bushwalking, and quad-biking, sand boarding and swimming.  So, if you like the idea of combining a nature trip with an exciting activity, then you won’t be disappointed with Kangaroo Island in Australia.

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