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Pingy the Ping Idle RPG is a free online idle role-playing game by SayBox. As a game in this genre, it essentially continues to progress even when players are not on the game.  The game has simple graphics and a straightforward layout that enhances the play without anything too extravagant.


The top of the screen features three bars. The top bar (orange) is the “Bonus Bar” and it logs your playtime. For every 30 minutes played, the Bonus Bar awards one random prize. The middle bar is purple and is the “Fast Bar.” This bar fills up quickly and adds EXP to the lower bar when it gets to the top. The Fast Bar also adds money to the player’s balance. The lowest bar is the “EXP Bar,” which tracks the experience points earned, which accumulate to levelling up. The side bar of the screen features the game tabs. Your House, Quests, Achievements, Map Shop, Hat Shop, Ping-Mart, and Movies are available at the start. From the Map Shop tab, players can purchase maps to the other tabs in the game. Players must buy a map to access areas like the Bank, Fishing Area, Casino, Burger Store, and Target Range. Each map has a set price and level that must be achieved before you are able to buy it. For example, the map to the Bank has a price of $100 and a level of 2, while a map to the Target Range has a price of $50,000 and a level of 50. Finally, if players need help, the “I” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen offers a pop-up window with valuable tips.


To access Quests, go to the Quests page and click on the name of the Quest. A pop-up window will appear with information about your Quest. The first few are just “freebies” to help players get accustomed to the cadence of the game. From then on, when a Quest is completed, you will see a flag icon next to the Quest tab. You must go to the Quest menu and click on the completed quest to reap your rewards.


Fishing is one-way Ping can earn extra money. Once the fishing area map is purchased, players can play a game to catch fish that they can in turn sell at the market (once the market map is purchased). When Pingy earns money, he can deposit it into the bank, earning him interest. Players should be sure to keep an eye on the Bank tab. When a red flag appears next to the Bank tab, players must collect their earned interest. The other mini-games offered are a Casino (with standard games and low payouts), a Whale Farm (high earnings, but slow-paced), Whack-a-Seal (an arctic version of Whack-a-Mole), The Skool (solve mathematics problems for bonuses), Catch a Snail, and Burger Ping (turn snails into burgers to be either sold at the Market or fed to goldfish at the Whale Farm.)


Kongregate's Pingy the Ping Idle RPG is a standard idle RPG-type game with game play advancing when players are not logged-on. The game has a cute dialogue and main character, which makes it a standout in this newly popular game genre. 

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